How to save your home interior design

The interior designer of a big-box retail store might want to make the most of a new remodel, but she’s also well aware of the inevitable downsides.

For the past two years, the home decorist at a popular Portland-area boutique has been remodeling her store’s space to improve its space efficiency, and now she’s sharing some tips on how to make a big change.

Here are six tips on the best way to keep your decor in good shape.1.

Design your space with a more efficient energy source.

The first thing you want to do is keep the space efficient, according to Lisa L. Wilson, a real estate agent with the Seattle-based Livable Living Network, which helps people manage their home’s energy usage.

That means minimizing the use of lights, heaters, fans and air conditioning in the space and putting away as much as possible of the store’s natural light.

You should also keep your windows open and the doors locked during the day, according the Livable Learning Network, and avoid turning off lights and fans in the evening.

“Make sure your windows are open,” Wilson said.

“You don’t want to keep a lot of the natural light coming in that you’re not going to be able to use.”2.

Move furniture to the garage.

“The biggest challenge is the storage,” Wilson says.

If you have furniture that’s too big, Wilson recommends moving it to a garage.

The bigger the space, the more space you have to move it, so “the garage is a great way to get more storage,” she says.3.

Reduce the amount of natural light that comes in.

“I like to see natural light,” Wilson recommends.

If your home is on a slope, Wilson suggests lowering the lighting so you don’t see the light from your windows.

Also, “if you’re in a quiet area and you don-t have a lot to do, put in a curtain or light to block the natural sunlight from coming in,” she said.4.

Install natural ventilation.

“Natural ventilation is great,” Wilson adds.

“It doesn’t need to be high or anything, but you want it to be natural and easy to reach.”5.

Replace your lights.

If a natural light bulb or natural light fixture is missing, you can replace it with a natural-gas-powered lamp or a natural LED lighting system, according.

“Just be aware that the natural lighting system will use a lot more electricity than an electric system, so be careful,” Wilson advises.6.

Use an electric fan.

“If you can afford it, you might want an electric fans,” Wilson suggests.

“When you have an electric-fan, you’ll have less maintenance and it will run less frequently.”

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