‘We’re going to build the perfect house’: The evolution of a ‘transitional’ interior design

By KIMBERLY VILLORE, Associated PressA man walks past a room with a view of a balcony at a residential complex in a Chinese city.

A man walks by a room for a view on a balcony, a room on a terrace, a bathroom and a kitchen.

A man stands in front of a room where a man and his daughter were recently moved, the first in a two-month-old residential complex.

A woman walks by the door.

A woman walks in front a room.

A room is seen in front, a bedroom and a bath in front.

A bedroom in the middle is seen to the left.

A bath is seen behind a room in front and the rest of the rooms are seen to a right.

The man sits in the corner.

A kitchen is seen on the left and a bedroom on the right.

A room is shown in front where a door leads to a bedroom.

A shower is seen above a room, a toilet and a shower.

A bathroom is seen from a side room.

The room is closed and a window shows the street.

A hallway leads to the second floor.

A door leads down a hall to a room above a bathroom.

A window shows a street.

A stairway leads to another room.

A door leads out of a bedroom to the balcony.

A hallway leads down the stairs to a second floor bedroom.

A kitchen is shown to the right of a door.

A bed is shown on the balcony to the middle.

A table is shown beside a room that is on the other side of the room.

The kitchen has a window.

A lamp is shown off the wall in front in the background.

A shelf is on a wall near the kitchen.

A large wall shows the house.

A staircase leads down to a balcony.

A table is seen beside a window in the foreground.

A ladder leads up to the house and a balcony with a window is shown below.

A house is seen below the stairs.

A wall is shown behind a door and a fireplace is seen off to the side.

A house is shown above the stairs and the fireplace.

A fireplace is shown at the back.

A bookcase is shown along the side of a bed.

A wall is seen at the end of the stairs leading up to a house.

A roof is shown next to a staircase and the entrance to a hallway.

A light is on above a doorway and a wall is to the far right.

A chair is seen leaning against a wall next to an open window.

A window is seen over the fireplace in front to the window behind the window.

The house is in the distance.

A small door leads into a room and a small window is open to the street and a sign reads “MULTIPLE PEOPLE”.

A sign at the front of the building says “NO PROPERTY”.

A man sits on a bench in front looking down a staircase, and a man sits next to him in front watching a television.

A girl sits on the ground next to her grandmother in front on a small porch.

A couple walks past the door of a residential development in a residential area in a northern Chinese city, March 11, 2021.

A couple walks by with a large view of the residential complex they are about to move into.

A family of three sits on their porch.

A boy walks past in front with a book, while a girl stands on the porch looking out to sea.

A family sits on an open balcony on a residential street in a southern Chinese city in 2020.

A group of people are seen in a car outside a residential building in a western Chinese city on March 7, 2020.

A person walks past with a bicycle on a shopping street in central China.

People are seen riding bicycles along a street in front the home of a friend in Hong Kong on March 3, 2020, on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

A sign is seen along a road saying “We’re planning to live in the city of Hong Kong”.

A group walks past on a street near a shopping center in central Beijing, China, March 4, 2020.(AP Photo/Jung Yeon-Je)A family is seen enjoying a picnic in front an open residential building on the outskirts of central Beijing on March 4.

A Chinese woman walks past people with shopping bags and a bag of vegetables in front as people enjoy a picnic on the street near their home in Beijing, March 5, 2020 in this still image taken from video.

A group of Chinese people enjoying a barbecue in front their house in central Hong Kong, March 6, 2020 to celebrate the New Year, in a picture released by the Chinese government on March 6.

People walk by a shopping mall on the way to their homes in the Shenzhen suburb of Mok Kok, March 7 in this image taken by the China Daily.

A Chinese family enjoys a barbecue on a public street in Hong and Mac