Why a design studio is making interior design renderings of a home

A design studio in Georgia is using an iPhone app to render interior designs of a house, while another in New York is designing a building from scratch using a similar app.

A home in California is now being called the ‘new house of the future’ after the design studio behind it, the Georgian Interior Design Rendering Studio, created a virtual 3D model of the house, which they say was “exactly what you need for this project.”

The firm has used the 3D modeling app, called MIPA, to design interior designs for a number of homes in California, Georgia, California and New York.

“We wanted to create an interface to allow for a real-time visual interaction with a real project,” said MIPF founder and CEO Mark Zellers.

“It’s really important that you get a real feel for the real-life environment and the people that live in it.

That is why we created MIPAs app.”

The app, which is free to download and can be found on Apple’s App Store, is similar to MIP’s own Real Estate and Urban Design app.

The app also lets users select and view models of houses, condos, and apartments in their home, as well as homes that are not currently on the market.

Zellers told Mashable that he wanted to design a house that would appeal to a wide range of people and that was “not going to be for everyone,” but that it was “a good thing” that he had the resources to do so.

“This is really an app for a different set of people.

You want a project that will appeal to people of all ages, all shapes and sizes,” he said.

“For the average person it’s going to just be a bunch of boxes, but for a designer it’s a lot of fun.”

A number of other designers have recently created apps for 3D modelling, including design studio Drogba Design, which uses 3D models to create interactive 3D-printed homes for a range of industries.

The company recently released a free app for people to create 3D homes for their homes.

“You don’t have to have any fancy tools, you just need a 3D printer, a CAD program and a little bit of time to get your model done,” said Drogbal Design’s director of design, David Ritter.

“The more you use 3D printing, the more realistic the house will be.”

The Georgian Interior design rendering studio’s app is a way for designers to create realistic-looking 3D printed homes.

The firm’s website shows that the model can be scaled up to about a foot by using a simple 3D tool.

The model also includes a live model of each room in the house.

“When you look at the room on the app, it’s like a digital photo album, it shows all the different aspects of the room,” Zeller said.

“With that, you can get a feel for what each room looks like and what it would look like if you could just open up the entire room.”

The 3D mock-up is designed to allow the user to zoom in and out to look at a particular area.

The model itself is actually a combination of three different models of the same house.

The first is a digital model of a standard home, and the second is a virtual model of what the home might look like in a particular home.

The app also shows how a room would look if you had a 3-D printer and were able to print it yourself.

Zillers told us that the app’s design was a departure from what he was used to using for other types of home design.

“Our app has an almost architectural-style look to it,” he explained.

“You have a big rectangle on the top, which would be where your bedroom and bathroom would be.

But there are three smaller pieces that go on top of that rectangle, and they’re the stairs.

You have a little kitchen on the bottom, which has a bathroom and kitchenette.

Then you have a second bedroom on the side, and then you have the main living room.

So the whole idea is that it’s really a really, really clean and elegant home.”

Zeller told Mashables that he’s “not a designer by trade,” but he has had a good working relationship with his clients.

“I have worked with clients who are really great,” he added.

“I’m a realist and I always tell people, don’t get into the design business.

It’s not the right thing to do.

Get in there and see what’s going on and be creative.

Designers are really good at making a living, so it’s not a bad thing to work with someone.”