“The ‘Home of Craftsman Interior Design” in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon (AP) – A new home designed by interior designers and artists from Portland’s arts scene and built in the style of a “Craftsman” home is now available for sale.

Home of Design, a Portland-based architectural firm that specializes in “Craft” homes, opened the “Home of Style” in September 2017 and is offering a $1 million cash offer for a home.

The home is located at 1735 SW 20th St., Portland, and has four bedrooms, four baths and two fireplaces, according to the listing on the home improvement website.

The design is called “The Craft House,” and includes a two-story, glass-walled home that sits on a 1.6 acre plot and has three bedrooms, three baths and a fireplace.

It is located near the intersection of 20th and 22nd streets in Portland.

Home, which was founded in 2015, offers a home to rent for $1,995 a month, with an option to rent the home for a month at $2,500 a month.

How to get the most out of the modern townhouse

A classic style of townhouse is still popular.

But modern design can make it more of a challenge.

Here are some ideas on how to get more out of your modern townhome.


Use it as a studio, study, and office space for your business or other work2.

Take advantage of the space’s style with open-plan living3.

Use the space for events and events-related activities.4.

Get creative with the kitchen, with more windows and more space for storage.5.

Put more light into your space with a wall of windows and an open roof.6.

Add a second living room with a kitchenette and a dining area.7.

Make a living room into a library.8.

Expand the living room to create more living space for guests.9.

Add an outdoor patio or balcony to create a cozy place for outdoor dining.10.

Use a kitchen as a study.11.

Add some seating or tables for a conference room.12.

Add space for a dining table and a table for a bookcase.13.

Add storage or a storage unit for a refrigerator.14.

Add more seating for a lounge or balcony.15.

Create more living area with more open windows and a deck.16.

Add bookshelves, storage units or storage shelves for your books.17.

Add additional dining space or a dining room with seating.18.

Use your new space for outdoor entertaining.19.

Add extra seating for outdoor cooking.20.

Add your own patio.