How a Melbourne apartment building could save $500,000 a year

Inside the building that houses Melbourne’s tallest building.

Photo: Paul Miller Inside the Building that houses the Melbourne’s Tallest Building.

Inside the Building with the highest density of residents in Australia.

The roof is painted green and the inside has a green-lit lobby and kitchen.

Melbourne’s tallest residential building, the 705-metre tower.

Photo by David Gray.

But the design is not just about design.

“We want to create a sustainable, community-friendly community that will make our city stronger and our citizens better off,” said Melbourne architect Mark Stoddart.

He said the architects had researched everything from sustainability to climate change, the effect of pollution on the environment, the benefits of renewable energy and how to create sustainable housing.

A lot of people will not even know they live here, because it’s so unique.

Mr Stoddard said the building, which is currently the tallest residential structure in Australia, was designed to make the most of the city’s green space.

And because the building is so tall, it is also a very low-impact building.

If the roof were to collapse, the building would be knocked down.

That is what you want.

What you want is to make sure the building doesn’t collapse and you don’t have to do anything.

When you look at the building and see the views, it’s like a glass-enclosed space that you can sit and contemplate.

It’s a beautiful, inspiring space that’s very much about the city.

From the outside, it looks like a big glass tower but the bottom of the building itself is a little bit like a boat that’s floating around in the sea.

You could say that the city is not only beautiful, but also has a very positive effect on our planet.

So we’re trying to make that a reality.

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