What you need to know about the license for interior design courses

A new, federal program designed to help schools pay for design courses will be offered in 2018.

The Interior Design Licensing Program (IDLP) is a program that allows school districts to license a design studio to provide classes on a range of interior design topics to students from pre-K to middle school.

The goal is to offer a variety of design studio classes to students who may be struggling to find the time or resources to take design courses.

In the past, the IDLP was a federal program that offered only courses offered by the federal government.

The new program is different, offering classes from design schools and accredited private schools, which means it will have a broader scope of subjects.

The program will offer classes in design theory, design fundamentals, interior design, architectural design, interior technology, design services, interior architecture and more.

The first course will be designed by a design school, but in the coming years, the program hopes to expand to include courses by schools that specialize in interior design.

The IDLP program is open to students at all levels and includes a number of options for students to apply to.

For instance, the first class offered by a public school will include a mix of design fundamentals such as design thinking and project planning, as well as a portfolio of design work and a portfolio to showcase their work.

The second class offered will include the basics of interior designing such as how to design a living space, the difference between interior design and traditional design, and how to determine the best materials for a building.

In addition, students will receive a certification from an interior design studio in the form of a Design Lab Certificate, which is available for purchase online.

The certification is a prerequisite to apply for the next step in the IDP process: the Design Workshop.

In order to receive the certification, students need to complete a Design Workshop course.

Design workshops are available through design studios that specialize specifically in interior projects.

The Design Workshop can be taken in a design classroom, or it can be conducted by a licensed interior designer.

This will allow students to work closely with licensed designers to design their homes.

Designing an interior can take up to six months and is designed to provide students with a better understanding of how a home will be used and designed.

For example, students can work with designers to create a plan for a shared living area and create a project plan for how the living space will look in the future.

Designers can also help students with project management and design requirements.

Students also receive certification in design skills and the need to plan for and implement a variety in a building before building.

As part of the program, the school will also offer a second class that will be a continuation of the Design Workshops.

The design studio will provide students an opportunity to work with a licensed design studio and to gain a better grasp of design theory and design principles, as they will learn the fundamentals of interior planning and design.

Design Workshop is offered to all schools in Ontario and is available online.

In 2017, the province announced that it will expand the IDLP to include more types of courses, but the program will still only be available for design schools.

The provincial government said that it is looking to expand the program in the upcoming years.

This year, the Ontario School Boards Association (OSBA) launched a petition to expand and expand the project, and it received more than 200,000 signatures.

This petition will allow the government to expand IDLP to include all types of schools in the province.

The OSBA says that this will give students the opportunity to learn design theory from a range a different types of design professionals.

The government will also be offering courses at the Ontario Institute for Advanced Studies (OIAS), a non-profit organization that provides a full-time degree in design education.

OIAS will provide a curriculum for students who want to pursue a degree in the field.

The province has previously announced that the Ontario government is in the process of expanding the IDLIP program to include a wide variety of schools.

For more information, visit the Ontario Ministry of Education website.

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A report to be released by the province says the province will expand licensing requirements for design studios to include design classes.

Design studio classes will be required to be at least three years in duration.

Design classes for teachers will also need to be three years long.

This is in addition to the existing requirements for instructors and students to take a design course.

The study also said that the provincial government will be reviewing the requirements of the design studio, as the province is also looking to open the industry up to more professionals.

It also said there will be no change in the requirements for teachers to teach the required courses.

The ministry will also conduct a study to identify what