Which is better: the new or the old?

A look at some of the most important pieces of interior design in the NHL, as voted on by NHL fans in the National Hockey League (NHL) Fan Appreciation Day survey.

The poll was run from Feb. 19-28 and was conducted via a live, voice-recorded survey on NHL Twitter accounts with more than 1,000 NHL fans and was weighted by NHL.com to reflect fans’ age, gender, race, ethnicity, and geography.

It also excluded teams and players, and is based on fans’ own preferences, rather than those of professional teams.

The survey’s margin of error is +/- 3.6%.

The poll included questions about three categories of interior decorating, from basic home decor to intricate design.

Here’s how fans responded to some of those categories:1.

The basic home, which includes everything from the bathroom to the kitchen, bathroom mirror, and so on, was voted the most popular interior design category, with 55.9 percent of respondents selecting it as their most-favorite design.

The second-most popular category was a more complicated one, with 25.3 percent of the survey respondents selecting that category as their favorite.

The third-most-popular category was “simple” interior design with 12.5 percent of voters picking that category.

(See a full breakdown of the poll results.)2.

The bathroom mirror was the second-favorite interior design, with 26.6 percent of survey respondents choosing it as the most-popular design.

Other than that, it was a little more limited in its choices.

The most popular design was a simple bathroom with 12 percent of votes.

(A total of 14 percent of those polled chose a “simple bathroom” as their top choice.)3.

The kitchen was voted as the second most popular kitchen design with 15.7 percent of responses.

Other kitchen design options included a kitchenette, a coffee table, a French press, and a French-electric appliance.

A total of 11.3 out of 14 respondents chose that category, while another 6.2 percent selected a “kitchen” as the top choice.

The survey also asked respondents what they thought about various interior decorators, such as the “crowd-pleasing” kitchen with a simple, utilitarian design, or the “luxury kitchen” with a more refined design.

Here are the top three categories, along with some of their responses:The average price of a home with a “basic home” interior decorator is $1,636.

The average price for a “luxurious kitchen” interior designer is $2,921.

(The NHL Fan Appreciates Day survey also included a “designer’s” survey.)

Overall, the average price per square foot of a kitchen is $818, the most of any design category.

The cheapest kitchen was the kitchenette with $566.

(To find out which design category you are most comfortable with, see our guide to the 10 best kitchens in the world.)

The average cost per square feet of a bedroom is $917.

(These numbers don’t include a “living room” design, which is one of the more expensive, but still popular interior designs.)

The price per foot of carpeting in a home is $5.40 per foot, the lowest price per yard in any design subcategory.

(Carpet is also more expensive than regular carpeting.)

The cheapest home in the survey is the “modern” home, with a price per acre per foot on average of $3.90.

The least expensive home is the home with an average of just $2.50 per acre of carpet.

(You can find the cost per foot per acre for each of the five major design subcategories in the infographic below.)3-D rendering of a basic home with bathroom mirror.

(Nathan Stapleton/Getty Images)4.

The most popular style of home design is the modern home, featuring a large kitchen, large living area, and lots of storage.

The lowest cost per acre in any category is the smaller home with the “traditional” home design, the “family style” home with small living room, and “family size” home.

(Again, this doesn’t include an “artistic” home.)

The most expensive home in terms of actual cost per yard is the traditional home with “traditional backyard” design with a total of $7.00 per yard.

The smallest home in that category is a smaller home, the home “with a big yard” with $4.00, and the home that “doesn’t get a lot of use” with an “economical” design costing $2 a yard.

(This also includes a home “without a lot” that has an average price that is $4 per yard.)

The “luxe” design is also popular in the market.

The “lux-modern” design comes in at $2 per acre, while the “design with luxury” design costs $