Why are you wearing that?

A man is seen in a photograph wearing an “interior designer” suit at a public event in the western city of Portland, Oregon, U.S., April 30, 2021.

Reuters/Gary Cameron-Pool The “interiors designer” was seen in Oregon wearing a black jacket with white sleeves and a black tie, with the sleeves rolled up.

A man was seen wearing an interior designer suit at the same event.

The Oregonian reports that the man was identified as Anthony Lefler.

He was wearing the “intertops” shirt, according to The Oregonian.

The man, identified as “Anthony Leflers” was wearing a “black jacket with whites” with “white” sleeves, according The Oregonan.

The “Intertops” was the name given to a Portland-based company that sells a line of suits for upscale clients, The Oregon Daily reported.

The “Intertop” shirt is a combination of two fabrics: cotton and nylon, which has been traditionally used for interior work for men.

It has a “stretch” that creates a softer look.

It is designed for men who want a tailored look but are not interested in the expensive interior design industry.

In a statement to the Oregonian, Leflses company said that he was not wearing a suit and had not made a decision on whether he would continue to wear the jacket.

The company also noted that Leflers was a “long-time member” of its family of interior designers.