Why do you want to get into interior design?

Interior design is a big career change for me.

I have always been passionate about interior design but my passion was only starting to develop when I started working for a big multinational company in London.

After the departure of a co-founder in 2019, I decided to move to Milan to work on a design project for an international client.

The work I had been doing with the client was very successful, and I was working on the project with a partner who was also a senior designer, and we all worked together on the design.

But when I was on a break from the project, I had a great opportunity to meet my future wife.

In order to meet her I visited the house of the house in London, and she invited me to stay with her in Milan for a few weeks.

We went to a lot of events, and even took the first flight to London.

We were both very excited about this move, and decided to try and get into the interior design industry.

I found that this new life was different from my previous life.

There were more responsibilities and it was much easier to move from one job to another.

I decided that it was time to try to find a job in the interior industry.

I started by applying for jobs at several major companies in the Italian interior industry, and was soon offered a position in Milan.

The first day in Milan, I went to the company’s main office, and the receptionist told me that I would be working as an interior designer in a large office with around 60 people.

I was delighted, but I also felt that this was not what I wanted.

The office itself was very big, and it had a lot more people than I would have liked.

I went in with a lot less ambition than I expected.

It was not that I was not interested in the job, it was just that I wanted something a little more intimate.

In my previous job I was assigned to design a small hotel, but when I moved to Milan I felt that the office was much more intimate, and more like a living room.

The receptionist also suggested that I look for a new job at another Italian company, and said that they would be interested in seeing how I did my design work in the larger office.

I applied for the job there and I left with a smile on my face.

I had always loved designing, and had a strong passion for the company and its products, so it was a dream job to join the company.

It was only the first year I had started working at the company, but since I was already so used to working from home I thought that I could learn from the staff in a more informal environment.

My experience at the large office was very good, and at first I felt relaxed and at ease, but as the year progressed I started to notice a lot things.

At first I was very stressed out, and after a while, I became very sad.

I did not feel happy at all.

At the beginning I did a lot in my time at the office, but it was not enough.

I needed to be much more organized and focused, so I started a new project with my co-workers and decided that I needed a new design project to work for.

At the time, we had already started working on another project, but we were only focusing on this project for a month.

I also wanted to start my own design project, so we decided to create a logo, which I also designed, as well as a website and a brochure.

I began to feel that the project was going well and it would take only a few months to finish it.

After that, I left Milan with a very happy feeling.

I found myself in a new career, I was able to pursue my passion, and in return I got to spend a lot time with my wife and kids.

The next step for me was to find another job in Milan and start working on a new home, but that was a little bit more difficult.

I knew that the company would not be interested at all in the design work I did, so the next step was to decide whether I would go to a company in Italy or another city.

I chose to go to Milan, because the work there is much more structured and more organized than the offices in London and New York.

The design work was a lot better than the work I was doing in London but the work was still not as good as the work at a large international company.

So I decided in the end that I will go to the bigger cities of Italy, like Turin, and take a job with a company that has a good reputation and is a top Italian company.

In Milan, there are many other opportunities, and so I decided I would stay in Milan to start a new life.

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