Italian interior designer draws inspiration from 1970s design

A stunning new interior design illustration from Italian interior design studio Tuscan Interior Design shows the style and colors of the home that Italians loved from the 70s.

The illustration, entitled “Interior Design of the 70’s,” features the home’s exterior and interior decor in vibrant colors that have a retro feel.

The interior design was inspired by a 1970s home by architect Alessandro Tottori, whose elegant and modernistic home, “Le Maroccan,” was designed in a manner reminiscent of Italian design.

Tottori’s design of the interior is reminiscent of the retro aesthetic of the 1970s, and the interior design sketches depict a modern and contemporary feel, the company told The Next Google.

The illustrations were created by Tuscan, a studio based in Milan.

The work was created in collaboration with interior designer Stefano Della Marchetti.

The work was exhibited at the Italian Art Gallery of Turin in Milan in June.

The artwork will go on display in the museum’s permanent collection in September.

Tuscan Interior Designer, which specializes in interior design for the Italian market, was founded in 2008 by Alessandro Della Maestro and Stefano Marchetti.

In 2012, the studio partnered with designer Raffaella Aragone to create the “Bathroom Interior Design of Italy” for the prestigious La Scala in Milan, which houses the Milanese art collection.