‘A new look for a new place’ – the interior design of the new hotel

This is the first story in a series about the design of a new hotel in India. 

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The first room was opened for the general public on April 11. 

It is the hotel’s first official function in the country. 

A photo of the room, taken on April 13, shows the first floor. 

This is the room with the new layout. 

(Photo by Arvind Kapoor/Vivac)The first floor is filled with furniture, including chairs and a bed. 

There is also a large living room, dining room and kitchen. 

In the centre, there is a large dining table. 

“The new layout gives the hotel an ‘urban feel’, as the layout of the entire building makes room for the urban environment. 

We wanted to create a hotel that would be a part of a local ecosystem,” said Pratibha Srinivasan, who heads the project management department at the project. 

At the moment, the hotel is being built on a site at the corner of Mahim Bagh and Kharaswamy roads, in Mumbai’s Khera neighbourhood. 

Two hotels in Mumbai are also planned in the city’s south, near the southern end of the city, and in the eastern part of the metropolitan region. 

Each hotel will have a separate entrance from the hotel itself. 

For the hotel, the first phase is designed to have a room with a shower and a toilet, while a second room will have two bathrooms, one for a single person and one for two people. 

Srinivasans team will be working on a concept study for the design. 

 “It’s a very unique concept.

It’s a new look in terms of the space,” she said. 

When the hotel opens, the entire city will be transformed into a hotel. 

Here is how the new design will look. 

As the hotel progresses, it will have an urban feel, but the design will also evolve. 

Image courtesy of Vivac.