Why I’ve become a professional interior designer

I’ve spent the last year designing homes and businesses for my clients.

I started by designing houses for people who wanted to move to my home.

My clients were often young professionals, young couples, couples looking for something more personal and personal style.

I was also interested in the modern style and style in general.

But it was really about how they lived.

I thought, what if I could make them feel comfortable in their home while at the same time trying to bring out the personality and character in the home?

I wanted to make a home that felt like home.

So I began with simple, basic furniture.

And I worked my way up to something that was more elaborate.

The result is a house that feels like home to me.

It has a personality that feels right for me, and it is so much more than just a home.

I love how it feels in my hands and I love the way it feels when I put it together.

I think that’s the magic.

It’s a home I will always be proud to have.

The interior designer’s work is a mix of traditional and modern design, including a mix that has to do with a wide range of topics.

I have been a home designer for about 10 years, working on many different projects, including homes and offices, office furniture, and retail stores.

Most recently, I was the designer of the “Monsanto House” in New York City.

It was a unique and unique space, but the people in it were also great.

The people in the house, they loved the idea of a Monsanto house, and they loved working with the Monsanto family.

I learned a lot from the experience.

I went from being a kid who wanted a house and an office to a seasoned home designer who had done thousands of projects.

I had never worked in a home before, and I had to work from a lot of different angles.

But the home I designed was such a pleasure to work on, it was just a blast.

You’ll find more information on my career and the work I do at the “How I Became a Home Designer” section of my website.

I am also an editor for “The Art of Home Design” magazine, and the book “Home Style: A Handbook of Home Styles” is available in bookstores.

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